• About Label Chirag Nainani

    Label Chirag Nainani is a perfect sync of sustainability and innovativeness. It is synonyms with Indian handlooms and locally crafted goodness of fabrics and its textures. The label is an amalgamation of the old charm of the classic Indian handlooms and modern edgy fashion drama. It is a commercial brand with a unique aesthetic that bridges the east and west sensibilities, has been the guiding design outline.

    We firmly believe in the versatility of Indian handlooms, and try to do our part in promoting fair trade by working closely with artisans and weavers across the country to preserve the rich heritage of India.

    Our design philosophy revolves around the idea of comfort, in pure fabrics, classic indigo and screen printing for prints, that can be seen as essential to timeless wardrobes.

    Handcrafted from scratch, Worn as separates or layered, each garment is a result of endless days of hard work that a team of weavers, dyers, craftsmen, and tailors put in for one finished product.

    Chirag Nainani, 26

    Born in the heart of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Chirag is a fashion design graduate from Pearl Academy Of Fashion, where he researched and learnt a lot about printing and dyeing. He loves to work with abstract art, hand tools, comfortable fabrics. A lot of inspiration for his brand comes from the vibrant crafts, motifs and daily objects around him. Colors have always been an integral source of replicating his imagination.

    DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: “I specialise in printing and dyeing techniques. Compared to digital printing, dyeing is done by hand, which makes it more sustainable. My workshops are in Sanganer and Bagru near Jaipur, which are known for their indigo dyeing communities. By working with the craft and attempting to contemporise it, I’m also trying to build a sustainable business by creating employment at the grassroot level.”

    Available atAza, Atosa, Creo (Mumbai); Ogaan (Delhi); Elan (Ahmedabad); Amethyst (Chennai); Dhora (Jaipur)